Graphic Design

Graphic design is an essential part of every piece of marketing collateral and is undertaken to convey a specific message (or messages) to a target audience. I provide a variety of graphic designs for logos, packaging, branding, print and web.

I use a combination of typography, visual arts and page layout techniques to produce a balanced, focused and symmetrical final result.


A logo should be a symbolic essence of what a company or product represents and should be memorable. At its core a log must be unique and communicate one or more messages. When people view your logo they should think of your products/services and the product/service category.

The distinctive orange-and-yellow bullseye Tide® logo shows a laundry drain which reinforces the product and the product category.

Conceptualizing an effective logo is very challenging. Graphic design should be consistent with existing design principles and standards including fitting with different colors and with different mediums. Whether it’s on a billboard, printed piece, or online it must maintain its integrity and original form.

Corporate Identity

Custom designed letterhead and envelopes are also a great way to establish your business and lend an air of professionalism and intention to your endeavor.

Business Cards

Business cards are an integral part of the first impression your business makes. Even in today’s world of smart technologies, we still can benefit from attractive and functional business cards.

Graphic Design Package

Standard Rate

1 Hour

  • 3-14 Day Turnaround
  • Source Files
  • Local Backups of All Files


Bulk Rate

4 Hours

  • Shorter Turnaround (5-9 days)
  • Plus 10-5 Emergency Work
  • Plus $25/30min Incremental Billing

Prices are subject to change without notice.