Laura Artman, MBA RE LE
Laura Artman, MBA

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Skin Care
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My Career Move

This year I will complete my training and board exams to become a licensed Esthetician and plan to work in a cooler climate. This has been a dream of mine for many years. Everyday I see beauty in people that they do not see in themselves. As a licensed Esthetician I will have the opportunity to help them bring out their outer beauty. Outer beauty is our way of cultivating our inner confidence so that we can fully experience the life we want for ourselves.

The New Career

My move is strategic to place me in my new location at the beginning of my work as an esthetician.  My goal is to work with an organization that recognizes the value of a spa contributor (employee) who has vocational training and two college degrees, including an MBA.  As a trained and experienced marketing professional I can easily identify and open-up new sources of cash flow.

Why Esthetician?

The first time I experienced a facial I knew that when the time was right I would get my license.  The entire experience was so relaxing and peaceful, it felt better than a massage. When I came out of my treatment and looked in the mirror I was overcome with joy. My skin looked so much healthier and it felt great.  Before I left I purchased a high-quality spa skin care product and my skin has been much happier since.

The Move

My goal is to relocate to a market and company that provides for my growth and development.  Companies that are poised to move will benefit from my forward-thinking attitude and high expectations of myself.

Since I love urban hikes, outdoor sports and outdoor activities I want to live somewhere cool for part or most of the year.  During the course of my career I have lived and worked in the Bay Area and the PNW (Seattle).  There are so many wonderful communities that I am seeking the right opportunity anywhere in the USA, and will happily relocate.

My Career Move.
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