The Power of Landscaping

The Power of Landscaping

Published: 03/15/17

Episode: 18

California Real Estate Update

Volume: Volume 2

The Power of Landscaping

Written and Produced by Laura Artman, MBA

Talent by Mary West

Welcome to Episode 18 of the California Real Estate Update. Hello this is Mary West and this segment is sponsored by Group 1 Real Estate.

Most home sellers understand the importance of curb appeal when listing a home. This is particularly true with subdivisions where homes need to stand out from the crowd.

Landscaping is a big part of curb appeal and can have a big impact on price. Researchers at Virginia Tech found that a home with little or no landscaping could produce an additional 5% – 15% by making landscaping improvements.

The biggest landscape factors that impact home value are design sophistication, plant size, and plant diversity.

Experts advise to start with a clear plan before you begin making improvements and recommend working with a landscape professional to get the look buyers want.

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The Power of Landscape
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