Millennials and Gen Xers Dominate California Markets

Millennials and Gen Xers Dominate California Markets

Published: 10/20/16

Episode: 1

California Real Estate Update

Volume: Volume 1

Millennials and Gen Xers Dominate California Markets

Written and Produced by Laura Artman, MBA

Talent by Mary West

This is the California real estate update for October 20th. Hello this is Mary West and this segment is sponsored by Group 1 Real Estate.

The Realtor Association recently reported that China is the country that originates the most searches for property in Irvine. This is good news for Irvine, especially for Millennials and Xer’s who have invested in smart home technologies.

It was recently reported that Millennials are fueling California’s real estate growth. This large segment of the population is looking for affordable prices and strong job markets. Realtor.comĀ® reports that North Park in San Diego is one of the top picks. This is no surprise, this hip neighborhood is full of charming 1920’s bungalows, an easy commute to downtown, and 20 minutes to the beach.

Looking to attract a buyer for your upscale high-priced home? Gen X buyers have the highest median priced homes of all other buyers and they are seeking convenience. This is fabulous news for sellers who are located near large employers with highly skilled workers and convenient commutes.

Thank you for listening and for a transcript, please visit This is Mary West with the California Real Estate Update by Group 1 Real Estate.


Millennials and Gen Xers Dominate California Markets
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