Writing effective copy is a very challenging job that has been made more difficult with the need to make the information search engine optimized. Search engine optimized (SEO) copywriting requires clear goals and precise keywords.  If these keywords are used appropriately and in a clear manner, you will improve your search engine rankings. If you improve your search engine rankings you will increase the likelihood that your website will be “found” on the internet. Search engine optimization for private practices is based on the quality of the copy and the effective use of keywords.

Some of the most expensive services on the internet are SEO services.  A monthly package of SEO services typically starts at $1000 and goes up from there.   Most private practices are not in a position to make that long-term hefty investment, and in most situations it simply is unwarranted.  If your target market is in your local community there are more important strategies that can be used to get noticed on the internet.

Simple Steps to Writing SEO Copy

  • Page Title:   The page title should contain your keyword(s) and should be a recommended minimum length of 40 characters.
  • URL:  Your keyword(s) should appear in the URL, which can be made automatic with properly configured CMS.
  • Meta Description: Your meta description should contain your target keywords and be right around 155 characters.  A meta description provides a short summary of the page which displays direction under your title in search engine results.
  • First Paragraph: The keyword should appear in the first paragraph of the copy and be sure to use short sentences to improve readability
  • Post Length and Keyword Frequency:  Be sure to have at least 300 words in each article and use the keyword(s) at least three times in the body.
  • Media: The images and media that you place in posts and pages should include alt tags that contain your keyword(s)