Professional couple living in the Seattle area are seeking a chic urban condo in a California urban community or the Puget Sound area. This couple is more interested in style than size so let me know if you have a micro or small unit that shows well.  Here are some of the amenities they are seeking:

  1. Near public transportation that goes to “downtown”.
  2. Dog friendly community that has an off-leash dog run on the property or is located in close proximity to a park.
  3. Washer/dryer in the unit.
  4. Fitness center.
  5. First floor units with a patio or upstairs unit in a building with an elevator.
  6. Preference for buildings with interior access to units.
  7. Swimming pool and hot tub.

This urban couple has property elsewhere and is seeking a way to enjoy a small slice of city life while keeping their rural property.

  • Project Description: Small and stylish Condo
  • Timeline: 2016
  • Location: Pacific Northwest